24 Hour Security – The Perks of AI

Why Security Systems with Artificial Intelligence are Better

Security should always be a priority which means that it should not be neglected. It is important to secure business assets around the clock, and at present, not every Company can manage or afford to do that.

Thanks to the evolution in technology, there are now “machines” that can make it possible for you to guard your property and other assets for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Technology has provided more security gadgets and devices that can help monitor and deter crime without having to invest valuable corporate time and resources.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually growing to be even larger than expected. There are a lot of IoT devices connected to the internet, effectively helping companies with their everyday needs. One of the needs is security.

There are now automated security systems that use artificial intelligence (AI) to better secure businesses. In this case, AI is used to automate what would be repetitive tasks in a better way. The key to automation is including key parameters in the initial set up phase.

Having an AI-assisted security system at your business requires minimal interaction with the system itself. Once you have set desired settings and outcomes, the system will calibrate itself and run smoothly.

If for instance, an automated security system picks up an alert from a motion sensor, security lighting can be enabled, and associated security cameras can quickly pan through the scene. If there is confirmation of an actionable event, smart locks can then be instantly activated, microphones used to listen in and access control, video, sound recordings and management information can be passed to a mobile application and security monitoring centre for further decision making. Confirming an event with multiple sources of information means company personnel won’t be needlessly disturbed.

Advantages of Automated Security Systems with AI

Always Online

Since most automated security systems will make use of IoT devices, this provides an “always-on” capability where connectivity, device status, power supply and battery health and environmental indicators (heat, light, humidity, flood, flow control and many others) are automatically monitored. In addition, this information can be provided to an individual, third party response company or contractor and allows fingertip control to the heart of the solution to program and manage any incident.

Minimal InteractionWhy Security Systems with Artificial Intelligence are Better

Whilst providing control of every parameter of the solution, after set up, automation will take over. There’s no need to spend Corporate resources or time on an ongoing basis.

Audit Trail, Data Integrity & Security.

Every detail of your Company security solution is only available to an authenticated user. An audit trail contains all of the alarm, access, video, voice and environmental monitoring information which you can call up for specific dates without any problem.

SPG delivers outstanding automated security systems for your business. We make sure that Company assets will be protected.

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