Hardware attachments that enhance and expand the capabilities of VIGIL CORE controllers depending on system requirements.

Dual Ethernet Expansion Card

Provides an additional Ethernet port for the S1000 Controller using any of its 3 expansion slots.

Cellular Expansion Card

Support dual SIM for additional redundancy. A wide range of modulation is supported.

Card Reader Interface Expansion Card

Provides additional control of up to 2 doors. It includes built-in dual Wiegand reader support for IN/OUT readers on the door and has 2 relay outputs.

Audio Module

Each board allows the connection of up to 4 analog microphones and 1 speaker. Interfacing with the Audio Converter Expansion Card, digital audio can be captured and communicated to PACOM VIGIL CORE.

8 Input 2 Output Expansion Card

Additional 8 analog or digital inputs and 2 relay outputs can be added to the S1000 Controller baseboard.

6 Output Expansion Card

The 6 Output Expansion Card provides an additional 6 dry contact relays, all with N/O and N/C terminals available