Sensor Remote DevicesEach Sensor Remote Device supports onboard temperature and humidity sensing, light detection and movement detection …2024/02/12Download
Remote IOThe Remote IO supports onboard 8 analog/digital inputs, 2 relay outputs and 3 O/C outputs …2024/02/12Download
Power SupplyThe Power Supply services the optimum performance of the S1000 Controller and associated components.2024/02/12Download
Card Reader Interface Board2-Door Controller is connected via the encrypted OSDP bus to the S1000 Smart Controller.2024/02/12Download
Dual Ethernet Expansion CardProvides an additional Ethernet port for the S1000 Controller using any of its 3 expansion …2024/02/12Download
Cellular Expansion CardSupport dual SIM for additional redundancy. A wide range of modulation is supported.2024/02/12Download
Card Reader Interface Expansion CardProvides additional control of up to 2 doors. It includes built-in dual Wiegand reader support …2024/02/12Download
Audio ModuleEach board allows the connection of up to 4 analog microphones and 1 speaker. Interfacing …2024/02/12Download
8 Input 2 Output Expansion CardAdditional 8 analog or digital inputs and 2 relay outputs can be added to the …2024/02/12Download
6 Output Expansion CardThe 6 Output Expansion Card provides an additional 6 dry contact relays, all with N/O …2024/02/12Download
S1000 Smart ControllerS1000 Smart Controller. Manage access control, alarms, and building management functions remotely and securely when …2024/02/12Download
Mini CameraThe Mini Camera is a compact digital camera designed to enhance security even in harsh …2024/02/12Download