SPG Controls: Who We Are and What We Do

Who is SPG?

In a world where there are many risks to security, you need a partner that will help you protect your assets, your staff and your business . This is where Smart Products Group (SPG) comes in.

What does SPG Controls do?

SPG Controls is a product manufacturing company specialising in IoT solutions. Their goal is to develop intelligent end to end solutions for the global market with the purpose of adding value to an organisation.

What products do you make or provide?

SPG provides both hardware and software solutions. The hardware is designed to be reliable, scalable and flexible. Many years of engineering experience as well as customer feedback has been put into the design of the S1000 Controller. The software platform Arco has been architected with the latest web based technologies making it suitable to deploy into virtually any IT environment.

SPG Controls is a global company and provide their products and solutions to Value Added Resellers or through Integration Partners. Their target customers are those with large numbers of remote sites, typically more than 1000 and often covering a very large geographical spread. These target markets are for example large banks, retail organisations and utility providers such as telecommunications and power companies.

What sets SPG apart from its competition?

What SPG does different is that they provide an end to end solution for customers, both intelligent controllers that can be easily expanded as the needs of the customers grow, and they provide a state of the art software platform that is also using the latest web based technologies. There is no limit to the number of connections that can be added to the Arco platform. They also seek to ensure that installation and service time is optimised and have spent a lot of time working with the technicians and engineers who work with the system every day. They also have started to invest in AI to be able to analyse the large volumes of data that is collected to help improve and optimise operational performance for their customers.

To give a better overview of what SPG can do for you, SPG Controls CEO and founder Steve Barton has answered a few questions regarding the company.

What do you do for SPG Controls?

I am not just responsible for the management and setting the direction of the business, I ensure we are innovative and developing at the leading edge of technology. I come from a technical background and so I have a passion for new and innovative technologies.

I have been in the electronic security business for over 30 years, most of this time was spend leading R&D teams. I have an electrical Engineering degree, and I spend many of my early years developing software and hardware ranging from CCTV products to Access control and intruder systems, so my background is very much in technology and always has been throughout my career.

What made you come up with the idea to form SPG Controls?

After I left my former role as CTO for a security products company, I felt there was an opportunity in the IoT sector to develop a management platform that can be used in the utility sector, specifically telecommunications. I worked with a partner in Europe to develop a solution for monitoring alarms in telecom cabinets. We have since expanded the platform to not just monitor alarms, we have added access control and BMS and more recently video monitoring.

Who helped you form SPG Controls?

I have two pioneers of the security sector as business partners Pat Curran and Greg Strohfeldt. Pat was for founder of Bell Security, a successful UK based Security Integrator and Greg was the founder of a successful Security business based in Sydney Australia. Each have over 40 years of experience in the industry. We are combining this collective experience with the use of new technologies for cloud and IoT to come up with SPGs new innovative platform and solutions. I have also gathered some of the best Architects and developers that I have worked with over my 30 years in the industry to ensure we do have the best solution.

What can we expect in the future from SPG Controls?

We are an innovative company, and we want to stay at the leading edge. So we will be investing in more integration to third party solutions as well as continue to develop and improve the core system. Areas that are of significant interest are improvements in operational efficiencies as mentioned using Artificial Intelligence, and also enhancing the building management capabilities. We will also be making significant development investment into mobile friendly Apps. The roadmap for SPG is very aggressive. There will be a lot of new features coming out over the next 6 months. Stay tuned for more.

To know more about SPG Controls and how we can help secure your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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