S1000 Firmware 1.2.20 Release Highlights

Mini Camera

The SPG Mini Camera is a compact digital camera designed to enhance security even in harsh environments. Ideal for mounting inside enclosures, racks or any location where non-continuous monitoring is more economical.

Third-Party Controller Integration

This solution allows the Third-Party Panel to take advantage of all the benefits of ARCO, such as Remote Monitoring and Control and the capability to add Building Management, Analog sensors, IP audio, Access control and OSDP video.

GPS Location and Tracking

Track the S1000 Smart Controller from ARCO Platform when GPS is enabled on the S1000 wireless 4G card. Location, altitude and speed data is captured and sent to ARCO, in addition, can be stored if the signal is lost. Expansion card supports dual-mode Cat M1/NB1 (NB-IoT) capability.

Axis Camera Integration

Any Axis Camera can be mapped to an SPG Smart Controller Virtual Input to trigger S1000 events. In addition, the S1000 can send output activations to the Axis camera mapped to the Axis virtual input to trigger camera local actions such as move to a preset position. The S1000 Axis integration also supports the Vaxtor ALPR and the Axis People Counter application. These can be purchased and loaded into the Axis cameras supporting these apps and configured to work with the S1000 Smart Controller.

S1000 Firmware 1.2.11 Release Highlights

Audio Monitoring over IP

The S1000 Smart Controller now enables you to monitor and control Audio devices connected to the S1000 Smart Controller.
The SPG Audio Listen in Module (SD1-AUDIO4) and Audio Converter expansion card (SE1-AUDIOBUS) are required for the Microphone and Speakers to communicate with ARCO Platform.

When the Sip Call Center Service receives call a call from a User, it sends commands to ARCO requesting S1000 gateway to make a callback. When Sip Service receives the callback from the S1000 gateway, it looks for active incoming call and transfers the S1000 gateway’s call to the User.

Modbus over Serial/IP

The S1000 Smart Controller now enables support for Modbus device connection using RS485 and TCP/IP. The Controller can add a Modbus device and then allow mapping of analogue and digital inputs. This enables the support up to 8 analogue and 8 digital outputs on a Modbus device.

CRI Expansion Card

The SPG Card Reader Expansion card (SE1-CRI-PCB) provides an easy expansion for an S1000 Smart Controller, providing additional control of up to 2 doors. The board has built-in dual Wiegand reader support for In/Out readers on the door and has 2 relay outputs. There is also 2 additional digital or analogue inputs software configurable that can be used for Break glass and Door contact functions. Additionally, if the Wiegand inputs are not used, they can also be configured as Digital or Analog inputs for RTE or other general-purpose inputs.

Aperio Integration

The S1000 Smart Controller now enables the use of ASSA ABLOY Aperio devices. Multiple Aperio devices can communicate with one or more hubs using short-distance wireless communications. The hubs communicate with the S1000 Controller via RS485 Serial Data connection.