ARCO Platform 5.0 Release Highlights

SPG Mini Camera Snapshot Support

The SPG Mini Camera is a compact digital camera designed to enhance security even in harsh environments. Ideal for mounting inside enclosures, racks or any location where non-continuous monitoring is more economical.

Enhanced User Interface

Updated user management module and dark theme mode. Dark mode may work to decrease eye strain and dry eye for personnel who spend a lot of time staring at screens.

Browser-Based Audio Monitoring

Supports audio listening and speaking directly from your browser. This feature can be accessed on the Site Map widget of the Dashboard module of the ARCO Platform.

Licence Plate Recognition

Enables enrolment, retrieval and monitoring of licence plate credentials using integrated Third-party CCTV cameras.

QR Code Credentials

Supports mapping of QR codes to user credentials for monitoring and reporting. QR Codes can be created on the Credentials module of ARCO Platform.

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