ARCO Security configuration – making it happen though a Mobile Application

System configuration management is important, especially in large scale systems, where you need control over both hardware and software components essential to your security solution.
It’s important in establishing and maintaining consistency in a product; from performance to functionality to physical attributes to efficiently managing requirements, design, and operational information for hardware and software.

System configuration management is essential because the system-level design may be challenging. It is hard enough to manage hardware and software development projects independently but managing all the dependencies between the two disciplines while also accounting for security concerns, scheduling and distribution. It’s a complex problem to tackle.

The ARCO Setup APP makes installing and operating your S1000 Smart Controller quick and easy. In addition, ARCO Setup provides network settings to establish remote communications to the ARCO Platform, input and output testing both locally and end-to-end. Download the ARCO Setup APP on your mobile fast and easy configuration.

  • Support BLE 4.2
  • Android and iOS Compatible
  • No Setup PC Required
  • Allows For Easy Commissioning of Panel
  • Secure Authentication Layer for Login
  • Dashboard For Diagnostics and Testing

Contact us at and tell us how we can help you configure your systems using ARCO Setup app.

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