Multi-way interlocks for Banks and High-Security Locations

Interlock systems control the locking of two or more doors so that if one door is in use or insecure, the remaining doors remain locked and refuse access. Interlocks are sometimes referred to as ‘Air Locks’ or ‘Man Traps’ and provide a high level of security.

The SPG Controls’ interlocking technology enforces safety and enables security-critical applications. Such as where positive proof of identity is required before granting access. Each door is electrically locked and monitored. The S1000 control logic monitors the state of each door for closed and secure states, thus preventing the release of the lock device. Once activated, only one door can be accessed at any given time.

Doors can have full access control using Card Reader Devices, Biometric Devices, Pin-Pads or can simply be released using REX/RTE Switches. Interlock doors can also be remotely controlled from the ARCO Software interface, which is Touch Screen Compatible. The ARCO Interface can graphically display the Interlock status on the Site Map and can be remotely commanded to enforce or override the interlock for emergency override procedures, for instance. Updating User Credentials can also be remotely managed from ARCO.

For mission-critical operations, applications in, for example, proprietary research, or to protect sensitive personnel or data storage, using mantraps for access control can help keep your buildings secure. They’re frequently used in airports, banking operations, healthcare facilities, research labs, and government installations. They are also widely used in data centres to protect servers and sensitive digital information.

The simplest interlock Access Control System may have two doors, and standard systems can be configured to manage up to sixteen (16) doors. Individual Interlocked Doors may be controlled by an online or standalone S1000 Smart Controller. In addition, the S1000 supports interlocking capabilities as standard, meaning you can mix interlock groups with access controller doors on the same system.

SPG Controls suggested system configuration.

  • Ethernet /Wi-Fi/4G/3G/2G.
  • User Access Rule-set Automation.
  • Full Battery Backup.
  • Physical Attack Detection Vibration / Explosion etc.
  • Temperature / Humidity / Light Monitoring.
  • Hazardous Gas Detection.
  • Full Access Control, including Dual Card Control.
  • CCTV Monitoring.


  • Multi-Door interlock to a maximum of 16 Doors per S1000 Controller can be configured.
  • Up to 8 Interlocks per S1000 Controller.

Configuring an interlock is simple by selecting doors from a drop-down menu:

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