China Factories select SPG Controls for initial 100 site roll-out

We live in a world where we have unprecedented access to a wide variety of data — and Manufacturing Plants are no exception.

Together with BGB Security, one of China’s leading security integrators, SPG technology has enabled sophisticated water, electrical consumption and fire monitoring together with worker safety and environmental protection.

System Integration

The S1000 Smart Controller has been installed and integrated with existing CCTV, biometric access and cards on site. Sensors and output controls for the Fire System Monitoring are also configured to the S1000 Controller enabling the Real-time monitoring of water and water pressure levels to ensure that systems are in a perfect state of readiness.

Consolidated Cloud-based Monitoring

The web-based ARCO Platform resides in a central location and provides the collection point for all events from the S1000 Smart Controller. The software monitors security/access alarm, telemetry activity, data gathering from the sensors connected to the Controller located throughout the factory floor and prioritises events for multiple operator workstations.

Interactive dashboards, graphical and geographical screens provide easy management and data consolidation showing the current and historical status of a factory. There is the ability to drill down to view the current status and system configuration of any area, an audit trail of historical activity and performance at any site.

ARCO Solution

  • Integration to CCTV.
  • Biometrics to verify the ID of workers.
  • Provides monitoring of fire systems.
  • Integrates to give lone worker protection in hazardous areas and environments.
  • Connects to ARCO to give a graphical overview, CCTV pictures and early warning of any safety issues.



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