Consolidated Video Integration for IDIS Ltd DVR and Camera Systems


SPG Controls is pleased to announce the completion of an integration with IDIS Ltd. DVR and Camera Systems.


IDIS is a global security company that designs, develops, manufactures and delivers surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets. Headquartered in Korea and operating across 35 countries and strategic partners, IDIS is a world-leading digital surveillance solution provider with an annual turnover of $400 million, across all holdings, and more than 2.4 million installations worldwide.


The SPG Arco platform is a Management platform for IoT that can run on both cloud and/or dedicated servers. Its supports any OS and database and is fully web-based.


The ARCO Platform features a built-in Video Service API enabling integration with ONVIF video cameras or any camera that has RTSP capability. ARCO supports both H264 and H265 video formats. Video can be placed on the internet or within a protected network, and by using a proxy gateway, video can be externally accessed without opening any inbound ports.


Configurable Dashboard enables the full control of video displays within the ARCO Platform.

The first deployment has already been successfully implemented in a corporate headquarters in Chile.


  • Live and recorded video from DVR and Camera
  • DVR Events Monitoring
    • Camera Connection Status
    • Hard Disk Monitoring
    • Video Loss Confirmation
  • Camera Events Monitoring
    • Motion Detection
    • Line Crossing
    • Tampering
  • Commands to tag video with an alarm and Camera preset


All events from IDIS cameras and DVRs can be mapped to Alarm Events in ARCO. These events can be actioned by operators, sent via SMA or Email or Push notification to the ARCO Managers App.

For more information about IDIS Ltd., please refer to their website: 

For more information for ARCO Video integration, please refer to our datasheet.

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