SPG Controls FCC Certification

SPG Controls’ S1000 Smart Controller and Peripherals are FCC certified under 47 CFR PART 15, SUBPART B/ICES-003 issued by the independent testing company EMC Technologies Pty. Ltd.

List of FCC Certified Products

• S1000 Smart Controller: S1000-PCB
• SPG Power Supply: SP1-PSU-2A
• CRI Expansion Card: SE1-CRI-PCB
• Card Reader Interface Board: SD1-CRIO-PCB
• IO Expansion Card: SE1-8I2O-PCB
• 6 Output Expansion Card: SE1-6OUT-PCB
• S1000 Remote IO: SD1-REMIO-PCB
• Audio Listen In Module: SD1-AUDIO4-PCB
• Audio Converter Expansion Card: SE1-AUDIOBUS-PCB
• Dual Ethernet Expansion Card: SE1-ETHER2-PCB
• Cellular+WiFi Expansion Card: SE1-CELL-PCB
• Sensor Remote Device: SD1-2ADI-PCB
• Alarm Keypad: SD1-TKD-MFRICP-B
• S1000 Communicator: S1000-PENC

For a copy of the FCC certificate or the comprehensive testing report, feel free to contact us at info@spgcontrols.com

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