Improve Vehicle Fleet and Driver Security & Tracking Management with SPG Controls

Add video, two-way audio and environmental monitoring and controls to your fleet and secure your driver’s and cargo’s safety end to end.
Businesses that depend upon vehicles transporting goods to offer services and products to their clients can deliver tangible monetary benefits with GPS, truck, trailer and driver monitoring systems. SPG’s fleet and driver monitoring solutions positions management within the passenger seat of each vehicle in the fleet.

SPG Controls provides you with the following information subject to your system configuration.

  • Operates on 4G/3G/2G network
  • GPS location tracking
  • Alarm status
  • Remote Control
  • Refrigeration temperature monitoring
  • Access status of the driver
  • Fan/cooling fail detection
  • Hazardous gas detection
  • Temperature and Humidity monitoring
  • High Temperature and Humidity monitoring
  • Who accessed the trailer when and where
  • Video snapshots on alarm and fault conditions
  • Audio alarm detection/listen in
  • License Plate Scanning

Contact us at and tell us how we can help you secure your Vehicle Fleet and Driver Security system.

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