New Partner Announcement: Avarn Security

SPG Controls is pleased to announce a new partnership with Avarn Security, a leading security group with operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Avarn Security supply security to clients across the Nordic countries.

Avarn Security (earlier Nokas) is a leading and strategic security partner for corporate customers and public sector organizations. They provide security services and solutions in the Nordic market.

Avarn Security is known for its long history as a strong solution provider of access control solutions. They are expanding their current access control system offering by bringing the latest technology in the industry to Finland for the benefit of the customers. SPG Controls and Avarn Security have entered into a cooperation agreement, in which Avarn Security will continue to represent the ARCO Enterprise access control system in Finland alongside its current access control solutions.

The company’s main operations are based in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Its head office is located in Oslo, Norway and it is headed by Group CEO Vidar Berg, with 16,000 employees spread across the Nordic countries.

Check out the Avarn Security website:

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