New Integration Announcement: Provision-ISR® Devices

S1000 Smart Controllers now enable integration to all models of Provision-ISR devices (IP cameras, DVR, NVR) that support physical outputs and camera tamper alarms. Additionally, any Provision-ISR device can be mapped to a Smart Controller Virtual Sensor to trigger S1000 events.

The S1000 Smart Controller sends output activations to Provision-ISR device; these trigger local camera actions, such as a move to a preset position.

  • S1000 Smart Controller connected directly to up to 4 Provision-ISR devices.
  • Support for IP cameras or IP-connected DVR/NVR that supports the Provision-ISR WebSocket API
  • Monitor alarms for up to 16 cameras per Provision-ISR DVR/NVR.
  • Support for Provision Analytics-based camera tamper alarms.
  • Monitor for HDD faults & errors on the Provision-ISR device.
  • Support for activating physical outputs on the Provision-ISR device or connected cameras from the S1000 Smart Controller.
  • Support for activating Virtual Sensors on the Provision-ISR device from the S1000 Smart Controller.

PROVISION-ISR® is an Israeli multinational company founded in 2007 to meet the demands for high quality products in the medium-high segment of the CCTV market. Provision-ISR’s range of devices, encompasses different camera series, specifically designed to help the installers to find the best suited solution for their customers.

Provision-ISR is the first CCTV manufacturer to embed a 3rd part Cyber Security solution by CheckPoint®.


We hope this short overview of the new integration with Provision-ISR has been useful for you and your organization. If you’re still unsure about whether or not our integration is right for your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support at

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