S1000 Communicator – A Gateway to bring your Current Security System into the Cloud

SPG Controls’ S1000 Communicator connects third-party control panels to an ARCO Platform through a secure RS232 interface. This device has all the features of a full S1000 Smart Controller, in addition to third-party panel support.

This solution allows the third-party panel to take advantage of all the benefits of ARCO, such as Remote Monitoring and Control and the capability to add Building Management, Analog Sensors, IP Audio, Access Control and OSDP video. The S1000 Communicator may be upgraded to a full S1000 at any time.

The panels supported include Honeywell Galaxy Dimension, Honeywell Vista, Pacom 1057/8 and Pacom 8001/2. Panels are connected to the S1000 communicator, which allows bi-directional communications between ARCO and the third-party panel. In addition, the third-party panel can continue to report to the existing monitoring systems in parallel to being connected to ARCO.


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