Security on-the-go; an App that gives ultimate control

Facilities and Security Managers tend to juggle a lot in one day. Keeping track of user access, building operations, and budgets is part of the job, along with much more. Keeping everything organised is a crucial task, and traditional methods just won’t cut it when there are so many moving parts.

Going mobile with technology tools is the best solution for multitasking and moves with you when you need to move. SPG Controls can help you conveniently take your security’s management and operation into your hands – using the ARCO Manager App.

ARCO Manager provides mobile optimised Dashboard summary, Alarm management, and User monitoring. ARCO Manager helps streamline processes and allows access to valuable information at any given time.

  • Real-time System Monitoring
  • Dashboard for system summary

  • Alarm Push Notifications
  • Site status monitoring

  • Secure authentication layer for login
  • Alarm management of specific sites

  • User access control and monitoring
  • Remote management

Contact us at and tell us how we can help you remotely manage your systems using ARCO Manager app.

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