Improve Communication and IT Cabinet Monitoring & Management with SPG Controls

Providing early warning of failures, video and two-way audio and ensuring only authorized employees or contractors are permitted access are key attributes of our remote cabinet solutions. Using SPG Controls enables both efficiency and security, with our sophisticated monitoring devices providing the real-time condition of the cabinet and key components. This additionally helps to control preventative maintenance, make informed decisions, and cut costs for personnel and operational expenses. SPG’s sensor logs also provide for root cause evaluation to help mitigate future problems.

A wide variety of sensors with predefined thresholds enables the prevention of unauthorized access, theft, damage to the cabinet, monitoring of technical equipment and energy consumption. Notifications keep maintenance personnel constantly informed about the condition and performance of system infrastructure. Rules Mapping helps to provides an easy-to-use method for monitoring and controlling equipment as well as helping to set-up a reliable Alarm Monitoring System, with several options for verification of events. The management of false alarms results in further cost reductions.
SPG Controls suggested system configuration.

  • Ethernet /4G/3G/2G network
  • Remote Control
  • Battery availability – potential to fail
  • Battery theft
  • Fan/cooling fail detection
  • Water/Flood detection
  • Vibration detection
  • Hazardous gas detection
  • Temperature and Humidity monitoring
  • High Temperature and Humidity operation
  • Full access control
  • Video snapshots on alarm
  • Audio alarm detection/listening

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