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000 doodads

  • Display Type – Select the User display format.
    -> Card – Display all Uses and their details in a card panel.
    -> List – Display all Uses and their details in a list. Please refer to Reports Management section for more details

  • Search bar – Enables you to search for specific users by name their Username, First name or Last name.

  • Role filter – Click to display users of the selected role.

  • Organisation filter – Click to open and close panels for each organisation.

  • Add User panel – Enables you to add new users in ARCO. The next section will discuss the full details about adding users.

  • Card Panel – Displays the details of the User. Click to edit information.

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The required fields may look different depending on your System Configuration.

ARCO will auto-generate Usernames and Passwords when creating a new user. This can be changed at any time.

Deleting a user is permanent.

You will not be able to delete the Super Administrator.

Card: Physical RFID Cards scanned by readers.

Engineer – Enables full control of the S1000 Controller setup configuration.

The switch is toggled OFF

  • Name – Needs to be unique for each controller. Requires alphanumeric characters with no spaces with a maximum length of 255.
  • Description – Requires alphanumeric characters with a maximum length of 255. Does not need to be unique.
  • Firmware – Click the button to search the firmware file using the file browser.
  • Reboot after Firmware update – Toggle ON or OFF.
  • Default Service User – Toggle ON or OFF.
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