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Appendix C – Event List Definition



Access Denied

User does not have access credentials

Access Denied – Antipassback

User did not comply with antipassback conditions (did not log out)

Access Denied – Card Blocked

Card credential blocked

Access Denied – Card Expired

Card credential outside date of validity

Access Denied – Card Not Programmed

Card credential not listed in the system

Access Denied – Egress

Egress is disabled and will not allow access (outside time schedule)

Access Denied – Reader Locked

Credential cant be used because the reader is locked

Access Denied – Suspended

User credential is suspended

Access Download Fail

Unable to synchronize credential information from ARCO

Access Granted

User credential accepted

Access Granted – Antipassback

User credential accepted and complies with antipassback conditions

Access Granted – Duress

Duress is enabled (User in distress)

Access Granted – Egress

Egress button has been pushed and access is allowed

Access Not Taken

User did not enter the door

Access Taken

User entered the door


Used for indicating that an output is on


Door is open for an extended time


Alarm signal received

Analog Alarm

Analog alarm signal received

Analog Value

Value received is analog

ARC Path 1 Failed

Connection to Alarm Reporting Center 1 has failed

ARC Path 2 Failed

Connection to Alarm Reporting Center 2 has failed

ARC Path 3 Failed

Connection to Alarm Reporting Center 3 has failed

ARC-1 Offline

Alarm Reporting Center 1 is offline

ARC-2 Offline

Alarm Reporting Center 2 is offline

ARC-3 Offline

Alarm Reporting Center 3 is offline

Arm Pending

Exit timer is running


System is armed. Alarms will be reported

Arming Failed

System arm failed

Backup Communication Settings

Connection settings are for backup path

Backup Connection

Connection to Arco is not the primary connection

Battery Charger Failed

The battery charger is not functioning

Battery Failed

The battery is not functioning

Battery Fully Charged

Battery charge is at full capacity

Battery Level

Battery charge level

Battery Test Result

Battery status report

Card Swiped

Card used on reader

Configuration Defaulted

Configuration has be changed to default

Configuration Download Fail

Configuration has failed to download

Configuration Downloading

Configuration is downloading

Configuration Updated Successfully

Profile configuration is updated in the controller OK

CPU Temperature

Temperature of the control panel central processing unit

CPU Temperature Fail

Temperature of the CPU exceeds normal (below 10°C or above +70°C)

Custom 1

Custom Role 1

Custom 1 Extend

Access time of Custom Role 1 is extended

Custom 2

Custom Role 2

Custom 2 Extend

Access time of Custom Role 2 is extended

Device Substitution

A device has been tampered and replaced


Area lock is disarmed

Door Contact Trouble

Door contact input is in a trouble condition


Duress is enabled (User in distress)



Entry Timer Active

Entry timer for disarming an area is running.

Ethernet Offline

Main ethernet connection is not connected

Ethernet Offline (Expansion)

Expansion card ethernet is not connected


Used to indicate a timer has expired

External Temperature

Temperature around the enclosure

External Temperature Fail

Temperature around the enclosure exceeds normal (below 10°C or above +70°C)


Device has indicated a fault confition

Firmware Available in Inactive Bank

Controller firmware is available in the secondary memory bank

Firmware Download Failed

Firmware download unsuccessful

Firmware Downloaded Successfully

Firmware download successful

Firmware Downloading

Firmware is in the process of being downloaded


Used to indicated that a door had been opened without a valid access


Prevent alarm from sending a signal

Input Changed (Test)


Invalid Login Attempt

User has attempted to enter a PIN that is not valid


Prevent alarms from sending external signals


An input or device tamper/offline alarm has been latched on

Late to Close

An area has not closed based on the programmed schedule


Indicates a microphone is in a mode for listening to audio


This is to indicate the state of a door preventing any access

Logged In

User logged in

Logged In – BLE

User logged in using ARCO Setup


Indicates a microphone or speaker is disabled from working


Device Offline

Onboard Temperature

Temperature around the controller

Onboard Temperature Fail

Temperature around the controller exceeds normal (below 10°C or above +70°C)


Indicates that a door is seen as being in the open state

Partial Armed

Area mode whereby certain inputs can be masked for this mode.

PIN Changed

PIN has been changed for a user

Power Failed

Power supply is not functioning

PSTN Line Offline

PSTN line is not connected


Controller has restarted



SD Card Failure

Failed to read from SD Card


State of an input when it is not in alarm

Self Test Failed

The self-test of an input failed.

Shutdown Pending

Controller battery level

Signal Fail

GPRS Signal has failed.

Signal Level

GPRS signal is OK and at level Good, OK, Poor


Speaker mode of the listen in is enabled for talkback

Strike Trouble

Door strike contact monitor is in trouble state

Suspect Latch

A device has had too many activations during the current mode


Alarm for interference on hardware enclosures

Tamper (Masking)


Tamper (Open Circuit)


Tamper (Range Reduction)


Tamper (Short Circuit)


Test Mode

Test mode is activated

Time Changed

Internal system time has been modified

Too Many Invalid Logon Attempts

User has made too many login attempts

Unknown Message

Message is not defined


Door state is unlocked allowing access without presenting a card

Unmasked Alarm

The raw state of an input

User Count

Number of Users

User Database 90%+

User database capacity is more than 90% full


Analog input value

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