Telecommunications Case Study


The Telecommunications Client offers fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband services, pay television, and integrated information and communications technology (ICT). The client is also involved in various other activities, notably satellite communications, real estate, and professional training.

Founded in the late 1940s; it’s one of the largest companies listed on any European Stock Exchange judged by market capitalization.


PACOM VIGIL CORE is an intelligent, centrally controlled network designed primarily for managing thousands of unmanned sites that make up a significant part of the asset base of any telecommunications company – typically from cell sites to street cabinets. Intelligent self-powered key/lock.

Intelligent Self-Powered Key/Lock

PACOM VIGIL CORE utilizes tamper-monitored bolt-type door locks at each site, which require no external power source. The lock is activated by power from an intelligent, fully audited universal smart key. Keys must be programmed – typically using a wireless smartphone/laptop connection – to give the keyholder specific access rights to each lock within the system. The monitoring and management system maintains a complete audit trail – a recording of which users have accessed any lock and at which time. The system also houses the keyholder database and is used to configure and distribute access permissions. Keys and locks also retain a record of their previous 2,000 events. Consolidated cloud-based monitoring.

Consolidated Cloud-based Monitoring

PACOM VIGIL CORE is a web-based application that resides in a central location or the cloud and provides the collection point for all events from the S1000 Controller. VIGIL CORE monitors security/access alarms, telemetry activity, and data gathering from the sensors connected to the S1000 located at each remote site and prioritizes events for multiple operator workstations.

Challenges Faced

Managing secure access to over 40,000 telecom cabinets

Monitoring and controlling user access to the telecom cabinet

Monitoring cabinet door openings

Temperature monitoring and threshold alarm generation

Managing PSTN and IP-connected devices

Low power consumption and High operating temperatures (up to 85℃)

Integration to existing alarm and Human Resources management systems

Cloud-based and On-premise hosting solutions


PACOM is an innovator in the field of electronic security with a focus on exploiting the rise of smart technology. In a market dominated by in systems that use legacy technologies that are often incapable of integration, PACOM has identified a way to make use of smart devices and SaaS cloud technologies to bridge the integration gap. PACOM’s R&D team are pioneers in the area of IP security. They have developed a product portfolio utilizing the latest tools and technologies, all of which are modular, cost-effective, and provide easy integration.

Solution Summary

Smart Lock and Keys

Intelligent IoT Devices

Ruggedised Enclosure

Centrally Managed Alarms

Centrally Managed Access Control Platform

The PACOM VIGIL CORE solution was formerly known as SPG ARCO Platform.


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