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Add Site

ARCO enables you to add new sites to the Site Management page.

Camera URL

An entry field for the Camera ULR will appear at the bottom of the Site page when camera devices are configured on the selected profile.

Please refer to the Camera Configuration section below.

Because IP cameras RTSP URL is not standardized, different manufacturers might provide different RTSP URL for their IP security cameras.

Some IP security camera manufacturers provide their IP camera RTSP URL addresses on their user manual, while others don't.
One effective and time-efficient solution to find out your IP camera RTSP stream URL is to consult the manufacturer or Tech Support.

Rule Set

ARCO enables you to create Rules that automate different processes in your system. A Rule Set is a way to manage large numbers of similar sites that share the same configuration of alarm-reporting rules and contact id rules.

When the settings on a set of rules are changed, all sites using this rule set is updated with the new settings.

  • Add Rule Set – Assign a rule set from the existing rules library for this site.

  • Rule Set Panel – Displays the current rules for the site.

  • Configure – Modify the selected rule set.

Please refer to the Rules Management section for creating Rule Sets.

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