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Credential Navigation

ARCO enables you to create Credentials that is associated with a Door, Site and Area access on your system.

A Credential represents some form of identification. The most common form will be the byte representation of raw card data, as scanned by a reader when swiping a card or typing a PIN.

A Credential is unique and can only be associated with one user at a time. The user may, however, have multiple credentials.

  • Search bar – Enables you to search for specific Credentials. The search bar automatically starts searching after typing at least four characters.

  • Organisation filter – Click to open and close panels for each organisation.

  • Credential Card Panel – Displays the complete list of credentials in your organisation.
    -> Card Number – Value of the card registered to the credential.
    -> Credential Profile – Value of the card registered to the credential.
    -> Facility – The Site Facility the credential belongs to.
    -> Assigned to – Name of the user who holds the credentials.
    -> Status – Displays if the card is Active or Deactivated

  • Load More button – Click to display additional available credentials.

When a User is deleted, all assigned Credentials will also be deleted.

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