Finance & Leasing Case Study


The Finance and Leasing Client was established in Thailand in 1994 and is a leading financial company engaged in personal loans, motorcycle loans, and mortgages.


PACOM VIGIL CORE is an intelligent, centrally-controlled network designed primarily for managing remote sites.

Visitor Management System

The PACOM Visitor Management System is a software solution within PACOM VIGIL CORE designed to quickly and accurately identify visitors in facilities with a high frequency of guests or a high level of security. It communicates with PACOM ID Cameras and inputs data to automatically populate visitor data fields and capture live photographs using desktop cameras.

Visitor Kiosk

The PACOM Visitor Kiosk is a comprehensive solution designed to quickly and accurately identify visitors. Together with the Visitor Management System it is used for buildings with a high frequency of guests, where elevated security requirements and/or real-time monitoring and reporting are required. The Visitor Kiosk is an efficient way for organizations to enhance their visitor management strategy. With intelligent integration with PACOM VIGIL CORE, high-speed image acquisition, face detection, face mask tracking, and human body temperature detection are possible. Compatible with any modern smart device with the latest browser technology, the PACOM Visitor Kiosk is configurable to comply with any corporate requirements.

Consolidated Cloud-Based Monitoring

PACOM VIGIL CORE is a web-based application that resides in a central location or the cloud and provides the collection point for all events from the S1000 Controller. VIGIL CORE monitors security/access alarms, telemetry activity, and data gathering from the doors connected to the S1000 located at each cell site and prioritizes events for multiple operator workstations.

Challenges Faced

Managing employee access in and out of their building

Monitoring and controlling visitor traffic

Use of a high availability system with little or no downtime/outages

Minimal business interruption during a short implementation period

Web-based/Mobile apps – providing mobility of usage under cyber security requirements

Compliance with corporate cyber security policies


PACOM is an innovator in the field of electronic security with a focus on exploiting the rise of smart technology. In a market dominated by in systems that use legacy technologies that are often incapable of integration, PACOM has identified a way to make use of smart devices and SaaS cloud technologies to bridge the integration gap. PACOM’s R&D team are pioneers in the area of IP security. They have developed a product portfolio utilizing the latest tools and technologies, all of which are modular, cost-effective, and provide easy integration.

Solution Summary

Visitor management system

Self-service visitor kiosk

Intelligent IoT devices

Centrally managed alarms

Centrally managed access control platform

Mobile Application

The PACOM VIGIL CORE solution was formerly known as SPG ARCO Platform.


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